We are actively developing processes to provide a cost effective system that can assist with the reduction or elimination of E-Waste into landfill and E-Waste curb-side collections

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Did you know: Copper - A desktop computer requires 1 kilo of copper, which if mined will result in 281 kilos of waste rock? Recycling copper only requires 15-20% of the energy that is required to mine new ore and once processed you can’t distinguish between those that come from a primary source e.g. ore or secondary source e.g. recycled. Recyclables can contain ten times more copper and 50 times more gold than average mined ores?

Council Copper Recycling


Did you know: It is estimated that there are more than 7.5 million televisions, 9 million computers, 5 million printers and 2 million scanners in use around Australia. It is further estimated that 2.1 million computers will enter the market this year (2006) resulting in more than 3 million computers becoming obsolete. Of the 3 million computers that have become obsolete, around 1.6 million will end up in landfill sites and 1.8 million will join the estimated 5.3 million already in storage. Sadly only around 500,000 will be recycled.

Many businesses are hording their old computer equipment because they know:

  • It contains highly confidential, private and critical information about their business via the hard drive/SSD.
  • They know they should dispose of it in an environmentally sound manner but it’s simply too difficult.


Council Computer Landfill Recycling

E-Shred provides the solution to all of these issues

Council Friendly Service

Environmentally Friendly Service

Reduce your carbon footprint by making sure your old electronic equipment is recycled to reduce the volume of potentially hazardous waste going into landfill and reduce the demand for rare earth metals



Hard Drive On Site Background

Your Data never leaves your premises.

We destroy it on-site